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Conversion and Overhauling Services

We accomplish processing-work on mechanical seals. Herewith we can offer you a fortunate alternative.

Typ TM680

Conversion of Solid Media Pumps from Sealing by Packing to Maintenance Free Mechanical Seals

Application using TM680, SiC/SiC, EPDM oder Viton

  • no more dynamic loaded elastomere
  • solid construction in Stainless Steel
  • self cleaning
  • small assembly dimension

Gleitringdichtung Pumpex
Mechanical Seals for Spezific Pumps
Whenever overhauling your worn Mechanical Seals appears more convenient in financial regards weŽll gladly take this over.

As our stocks contain wide ranges of single parts we are able of quick and cost effective maintenance. Please send your worn Mechanical Seals to us for evaluation and you will promptly state our suggestion!